Mike Gasior is the founder and President of AFS Seminars LLC as well as our chief instructor and consultant.  He is a globally renowned expert on securities markets, investment accounting, and reporting compliance for firms with up to $17 trillion in assets and securities and has saved clients billions of dollars with improved efficiency and elimination of costly errors.  Recognized in courts of law as expert witness pertaining to complex securities and markets as well as a Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and seasoned consultant with a successful history advising clients across investment community.  Technically proficient across all major investment related accounting, operations and modeling software and tools.  Over 30 years of unprecedented industry experience, knowledge and insight rarely available anywhere at any price.

Mr. Gasior founded AFS Seminars in 1989 after spending time with several Wall Street firms and a major European bank.  Using anecdotes and lessons drawn from his lifetime of experience with economics, investments and the financial markets, he passes this hands-on knowledge to everyone in attendance.  His teaching style is dynamic, interactive and heralded throughout the industry. When you register for any of our programs you are assured to spend your time with one of the world's finest teachers.

Mr. Gasior has held a host of securities licenses and industry designations. He has authored ten textbooks on investments and the investment markets, and over 700,000 people worldwide read his monthly newsletter.  His breakthrough radio program "Big Money with Mike Gasior", which aired worldwide on the VoiceAmerica Radio Network, was one the first shows ever to focus on the needs, concerns and issues faced by the world's largest investors and Mike is a regular guest on the “Naked Short Club” show in London.

Besides helping the over 80,000 people who have attended his sessions during the past 25 years become better equipped to perform their duties for organizations globally, he has also contributed in a substantial way during a variety of consulting engagements where he has served as an industry expert.

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Mr. Gasior is available for consulting engagements, investigative help and expert testimony for select clients in the following areas:

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Audit and Examination Preparation
  • Investigative, Forensic and Reconciliation Projects
  • Insurance Company Investment Reporting and Statutory Year-End Preparation
  • Front, Middle and Back Office Integrations
  • Custodian Management
  • Creation of Investment Policies and Guidelines
  • Securities Pricing and Valuation Review
  • Performance Reporting, Attribution and Analysis
  • Derivative Investment Product and Model Review
  • Trading and Investment Fraud and Negligence Assessment for all Security Classes
  • Banking, Insurance, Pension, and Real Estate Finance Consulting
  • Market Manipulation and Insider Trading Review
  • Hedging and Derivative Strategies, Issues and Suitability
  • Creation, Review and Implementation of Investment Benchmarks
  • Expert Testimony on Matters Regarding Complex Securities and Markets