When your organization has a situation that requires as much talent as is available anywhere in the world, our founder, Michael Gasior, is available for limited consulting engagements.

Having spent the past three decades working with and inside the world’s largest and most sophisticated institutional investors, Mr. Gasior brings an encyclopedic degree of knowledge of the issues facing this community. Clients in the past have respected his direct and candid style, as well as his ability to cut through the layers of irrelevant information and isolate the mission-critical facts. If your organization needs someone to provide insight, wisdom and guidance that few globally can replicate, then please contact our offices at (860)347-6568 to inquire about Mr. Gasior’s availability or email him directly at:       mike@afs-seminars.com

While not a complete list, below are some of the areas of expertise in which Mr. Gasior may be able to help:

  • Investment Department Risk Management

  • Audit and Examination Preparation and Representation

  • Creation of Investment Policies & Guidelines

  • Securities Pricing & Valuation Review

  • Hedging Strategies, Issues and Suitability

  • Derivative Investment Product & Model Review and Central Clearing

  • Insurance Investment Reporting & Statutory Year-End Preparation

  • Dodd-Frank Compliance for Institutional Investors

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance for the Investment Department

  • Operational Risk Management

  • Financial Outsourcing

  • Insurance Company Investment Reporting and Statutory Year-End Preparation

  • Front, Middle and Back Office Integrations

  • Investment Systems Decision Making, Implementation and Integration

  • Custodian Management

  • Securities Pricing and Valuation Review

  • Derivative Investment Product and Model Review

  • Trading and Investment Fraud and Negligence Assessment for all Security Classes

  • Banking, Insurance, Pension, and Real Estate Finance Consulting

  • Market Manipulation and Insider Trading Review

  • Hedging Strategies, Issues and Suitability

  • Creation, Review and Implementation of Investment Benchmarks

  • Expert Testimony on Matters Regarding Complex Securities and Markets

To view Mike Gasior's complete CV please click HERE