Custom Live Webinars

Many organizations want training for their staff that is perfectly tailored to their needs, but live, instructor-led seminars are not practical ranging from time restrictions to the inability to free up staff. Beginning this year AFS Seminars is very excited to offer live webinars to your personnel led by the industry's most respected teacher and authority, Mike Gasior.

AFS Seminars has offered the finest investment markets training since 1989, but sometimes schedules, locations and costs prevented some organizations from affording their people the leading edge in continuing education. Thanks to the Internet and Cisco's WebEx web conferencing technology, we are now able to provide customized training programs to you anywhere in the world at any time of day. And your staff doesn't ever have to leave their desks to be afforded training by Mike Gasior. They will each recieve digital, Adobe PDF documents for the customized program and will be taught by the man considered to be the world's leading expert on global financial markets and economies. Additionally, your staff will also be able to ask questions during the interactive session and have Mike Gasior address the specific needs pertaining to your organization. These programs can also be arranged in a very short timeframe, if necessary, for your organization.

For any live webinar for your staff:

  • The topics can be customized to precisely address your organization's needs.
  • The sessions can be either half-day or full-day programs.
  • All the needs and questions of your particular situation can be covered during the webinar.
  • The cost is a flat fee for up to 100 participants for both half and full-day programs.
  • Your staff can attend at their desks from anywhere on the globe

If you are interested in holding a live webinar please contact us at:

(860) 347-6568 or