The amount of litigation occurring that is related to the mortgage/mortgage-backed securities and Derivatives markets during the past several years has left accounting and law firms scrambling to better understand this very complex situation.  It has also left both borrowers and investors looking for expert help in determining if there is any legal relief available to them.  Clients count on our expert services in research, consulting, testimony and training on this subject.  If you firm is involved in any proceedings regarding the mortgage crisis, we can certainly help and quickly.  A short list of our services is as follows:

  • Expert Testimony
  • Securities Pricing and Valuation Review
  • Securities Examination, Research and Review
  • RMBS/CMBS/ABS Investment Product and Model Review
  • Trading & Investment Fraud and Negligence Assessment for all Security Classes
  • Excessive Prepayment Penalties and Usury Cases
  • Pooling and Servicing Agreements (PSA) - Conveyance of Note
  • MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration System)
  • Audit and Examination Preparation
  • Investigative, Forensic and Reconciliation Projects
  • Investment Strategies, Issues and Suitability

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Recent Expert Testimony by Mike Gasior

--Witness for the Defense - Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities - Florida
Conducted extensive research and then provided documentation and gave testimony in a case relating to improper documentation and language irregularities in a case regarding the collateral of a commercial mortgage backed securities. My research also unearthed the improper calculation and accrual of interest and fees owed by the borrowers.

--Witness for the Plaintiff - Residential Mortgage Backed Securities - Texas
Investigated and developed substantial evidence regarding fraud relating to mortgages allegedly pledged as collateral for a residential mortgage backed security. Was able to prove that the mortgage servicer and provided documentation with forged signatures that occurred years after title transfer to the RMBS trust was supposed to take place. The case was won by the plaintiff and will serve as a historic precedent for mortgage securitization litigation going forward with MERS and servicers.

--Witness for the Defense - Federal Criminal Prosecution - Nebraska
Was an accepted expert witness in a federal criminal trial to provide testimony as to the conditions within the financial and credit markets in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008.